About Us

Because we all need a little light to guide us, Bright List has made it our mission to put the spotlight on service professionals and shed light on what matters most – consumer satisfaction.

If you want to find the best plumber, restaurant, salon or service professional in your area, simply switch on Bright List and we’ll do our best to brighten your search.

Bright List compiles reviews of consumer’s actual experiences with professional service companies. By logging on to Bright List, users can either contribute or evaluate ratings of companies local to them. These reviews are directly from the source, accurate and insightful. How do we know this? Because the reviews featured on Bright List are written by locals with real-life stories and opinions.

By directing trusted reviews straight to you, Bright List can assist you in making more informed purchasing and hiring decisions. To make our website even more helpful, we encourage all of our users to get involved. Share the experiences you’ve encountered with local companies. What were you impressed with? What could be improved? Tell us everything. We want to know!