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  • aengland's Review
    My wife and I went to Ceiba Restaurant, 701 14th Street, Washington, for our tenth anniversary. We were pleasantly surprised by the extensive wine list and the tasty shrimp & goat cheese appetizers. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and the wait staff was very helpful. I had the pork shank and my wife had the grilled Atlantic Salmon. Both dishes were delicious and we will be returning to Ceiba. It made for an excellent anniversary celebration.
  • groman's Review
    As far as I can tell, there's only a couple of stylists that work here. I have only been a couple of times, but both times, I left happy. Even as a new client, I felt really comfortable. The atmosphere and both the ladies made me feel right at home, which is important to me, as I generally spend a few hours there when I get my hair done. I'm really glad I found this place.
  • LarryB's Review
    I don't know if it's just us or what, but Conquest Pest Control has been abysmal to work with. They are hard to reach by phone, unresponsive to voicemail messages, and quick to send a bill but slow to eradicate a pest problem. After six months of service, we're no better off than we were when we first hired them. I finally got the okay to switch to another provider and am doing so today.

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  • Painting In And Out

    Hiring a painter who knows how to paint inside, as well as outside the home, can save you money when you need to do remodeling work. Painters should bring all of their materials with them, or take an amount off of their bill if you have to provide the materials for them.